Is it Safe?

We go to great lengths to provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere.  We REQUIRE photo identification when you sign in.  We also have chaperones at every event as you enter and we escort you to your car if requested. 

What type of people will I meet?

Unlike speed dating and events for persons under 50, our attending clients are interested in sharing their amazing life experiences in a mature, sophisticated way with a person who share the same interest.   

How will I know who is interested in me after the event?

We will email ladies only with 24 hours after the event.  They will receive the gentleman's venue number, first name and email address of the date that chose interest in them. 

What if I don't receive any emails.

Don't get discouraged.  You might have to kiss a few frogs or frogettes before you find what your looking for.  That's why we have several different venues for you to chose from. 

What is the dress code?

When you sign up for an event, the dress code will be specified in the description of the event.